Mormonr Sunstone Painting
The world’s best hope is the world’s continued progress in knowledge of the truth.
The book of knowledge is never a sealed book…rather it is an eternally open book, in which one may go on constantly discovering new truths and modifying our knowledge of old ones.
One of the most disastrous steps Christendom took toward a ‘pitiful state’ was when it ‘fixed limitations’ upon itself by denying continuous revelation to the Church.
Suppose your youth receive their impressions of church history from ‘pictures and stories’ and build their faith upon these alleged miracles [and] shall someday come face to face with the fact that their belief rests on falsehoods, what then will be the result? [Some say that] because one repudiates the false he stands in danger of weakening, perhaps losing the truth. I have no fear of such results.

The B. H. Roberts Foundation (BHR) is a 501c3 corporation that supports education and research related to Mormonism, which is the culture, doctrine, and history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. BHR has a bias towards faith and orthodoxy, and believes that a healthy, mature, and justified testimony of the gospel can be supported through open research.

BHR is staffed by a team of independent researchers from a variety of backgrounds that share a common faith and vision.

Josh Coates is the Executive Director at BHR. Josh was educated at the University of California, Berkeley as a software engineer and spent over twenty years in the tech industry.